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Step – I Finalizing Keywords & Division (2 days)

Primary Keywords: Primary Keywords are “Generic words” for instance if we are in to selling Cigarettes online “Cigarette” or “Cigarettes” will be our primary keyword or if we have a job site “job” or “jobs” will be our primary keyword. This generic keyword has high competition and takes long time & efforts to get top position. (It may also take 1 yr. or more to achieve decent position). We keep primary keyword as base for our long-term strategy.

Secondary Keywords: Secondary Keywords are general keywords. We will take same example if we are in to selling Cigarettes online “cheap cigarettes”, “discount cigarettes”, “tax free cigarettes” “duty free cigarettes”, “Marlboro cigarettes” etc. will be our secondary keywords & if we have job site “It jobs”, “computer jobs”, “jobs India”, “jobs Mumbai” etc. These keywords have high probability to rank than primary keyword in set period of time.

Step – II Meta Tags (7 days)
Optimizing all the pages for targeted keywords. All pages will have “Unique”

# Title
# Description
# Keywords
# Content

It is advisable to target 2-3 important keywords for home page, targeting more keywords will be a mess & may not give good results.

Step – III Submissions (50 days)

Manual Submissions
Directories & Search Engines (750)
Guest books, Forums, Articles (Minimum. 600)

* Submission to guest books, forums, articles will help us to prove initial net presence by getting visitors & search engines to our site, It wont effect much on SEP (Search Engine Position) or page rank.

Step – IV Link Building (31 days)

After completing III Steps & 59 days of work we will start up with link building, which plays a vital role in SEP (Search Engine Position)

Our initial target will be to get maximum links from all relevant site with page rank 3 and above.


Mini reports: This report will be generated & forwarded after every 10 days interval.
Monthly Reports: This report will be generated & forwarded at the end of the month. This will include brief about all 3 mini plans + analysis report of work done & its results.

Feed back from your end: Recommendation, Needs improvement, Suggestions, any changes in PROCESS or REPORTS.

Step – V

Review: After completion of 90 days (3 months) we will review the results achieved. Targeting more keywords setting up dedicated informational pages for the particular keywords.

We will continue from Step – V to Step – I

Adding more keywords
Optimizing new added pages & other existing pages
Re-Submission program
Link Building.

Resources Required

1. Ftp user name & password if possible nor I will send all the required changes by mail & updating has to be done from your end.

2. 1 E-Mail id or